I am Laura, the creator of Mollie Moo Handmade.

When my daughter was small, I could never find bright clothes in the shops and I have found it even worse for boys. So, Mollie Moo was born. I like to use unique bright prints and these are increasingly exclusive to me. 

Everything is made in my small sewing room at home and mostly whilst my son naps at the moment. 

I would like to add custom orders in the future, but just don't have time at the moment. 

I aim to be as environmentally aware as possible and ship in recycled packaging. I also use all my scraps for bibs, hats and face wipes. There is very little waste.  

As a small business, I like to have a personal touch, please get in touch with any queries. 

New this week!

Fabrics at the printers


If you would like to shop face to face, feel the quality of the fabrics and check out the sizes, here are the events that I will be attending.

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