Pinterest Mum

There are lots of posts on Facebook about the different types of Mum out there. Some of my friends have labelled me as the Pinterest Mum. I suppose this could be true. I can easily lose a whole 2 hour nap trawling through all the magical (and mostly messy things) you can with your small children. I was desperate to start messy play when my little one was tiny. Now we try to go out to messy play events so someone else can do the clearing up. 

I have decided to do some reviews of the activities we have tried on Pinterest. Some have worked and some have really not worked and made me want to rock in a corner for hours. 

The one I have chosen today is a huge hit! It’s cheap, it took 30 seconds to make and so far it’s kept my 16 month old entertained for 30 minutes. 

Are you ready? I cut a slot in an old milk tin lid and gave her a pack of cards. She is posting them in. Yes, that’s it! 

Next time you need to put the washing in or get tea ready, give this a try! 


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