Shaving foam sensory play!

So, I knew this would be messy! But after going to a messy play session last week where Mollie refused to touch most things, I decided to give it a go in the hope she would man up a little bit. 

I put my tuff tray on top of the table to try and minamise the mess. Then I sprayed the shaving foam into the tray, sprinkled over some glitter and a little bit of yellow food colouring. I chucked in a couple of sand tray toys and some bath toys and sat Mollie in front of the tray. 

She say still for about a minute. I then put my hands in and played, she tentatively copied me for about 10 mins. 

I’d say for us right now, the clean up time and the preparation time versus the enjoyment time isn’t quite worth it! Maybe we will try again in a few weeks time. 


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