Turning your hobby in a business

This has been the hardest thing for me to get my head around. I love sewing. For me, choosing a fabric, sewing it up and then wearing, or putting my kids in it, is the dream. I love it when someone says “where did you get that?” And I can say “I made it” my 3 year old has even begun to say “my mummy made it”. 

I love taking a flat piece of fabric and turning it into clothes and clothes that fit me! I also like to complete things. When I was a teacher, nothing was ever finished. You are never a perfect teacher, you can have numerous lesson observations that are outstanding but still be told you could do more! It is one of the many reasons I left. 

Sewing can be completed. You finish a garment and it’s done! However, when that becomes a business, you are left wanting more! What next is always the question on your lips! This morning I have cut out 7 t- shirts and sewn 3 of them. This would normally fill me with a great sense of achievement, but today, I still have 4 more to sew and several pairs of hareems to make! 

Has anyone else turned their hobby into a job? Any suggestions on how to keep the enjoyment there? How do you keep the balance? 

Meanwhile, I’m loving the cows with a red cuff! 


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