Day 3 in the big brother house! 🤦🏼‍♀️

If only! The early ones were great.

We managed to get out for a nice long walk with my parents this morning. They are also self - isolating but were desperate to see the kids. We did this sensibly. The children stayed in the pushchair and their grandparents walked either slightly behind, or in front. It broke my heart when Mollie asked if she could lunch with nanny and gaga. It’s so hard to explain why. I have been telling her that there is a nasty bug that makes people poorly and it means we can’t touch anyone outside our house. Not really sure what else to say. I’d love your suggestions!

Anyway, after lunch George sort of napped and Mollie watched a film whilst I squeezed in a little bit of work. (We need to be realistic about this!)

Then we got out the playdough I’d made last night. ( I use this recipe.

We are loosely theming this week in Jack and the beanstalk, so we made some beanstalks with pipe cleaner and pom poms and generally anything I could find that was green and could be shoved into playdough.

Whilst we were playing, Amazon arrived with some cubes that I’d ordered. This was perfect timing as we started to talk about the tallest and shortest beanstalk then used the cubes to measure them. Mollie’s stalk measure £2.56 apparently. We may need to do more work on this! 🤣

When George started to eat the playdough, we tidied up and got the glitter out! 😬 Thry lived this though. I sprinkled a thin layer on the tray. Last night, I had sprayed some pebble gold (these were the golden eggs). I wrote the letters of Mollie’s name on the pebbles. I encouraged her to put them in order and then copy them into the glitter.

I hope you’ve had a good day!

Stay safe x

I’ve learnt that it’s hard to teach your own kids! 🤦🏼‍♀️ But both children enjoyed making lines in the glitters so we will take that as mark making!


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