Day 568 in lockdown!

Anyone else forgotten the last time they went out? Or actually wish you could go to soft play?

We have continued the theme of The Hungry Caterpillar today. I reused some lentils and added them to the water tray with some pebbles (we collected on the beach last year) some paper flowers and the giant bugs I bought on Amazon. I also added these miniature garden tools.

I also tipped the pond we had been using with water beads and frogs into a larger container. I found a great set of frog life cycle toys on Amazon and added them to the pond. I printed off a life cycle poster from Twinkl (which is free to use at the moment and has lots of resources)

We also did a little bit of Maths this morning by comparing the length of these caterpillars. We discussed the longest and the shortest and M even got the concept of medium sized, which she hasn’t before!

The best thing that M did this morning though, was with her dad. We went for a walk first thing and collected lots of twigs and moss. They turned an old bit of wood into a bug hotel! We need a few more bits but it’s looking pretty good.


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