I’m back!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I am trying to figure out the best way to ‘be‘ during the lockdown. I think reverting to teacher mode helps me be in control. So here we are again!

My daughter’s topic this term at preschool would have been mini beasts and life cycles so I have decided to follow that.

We started this morning with some messy play. I have had these sorting bugs for a while. They were from Amazon and we have used them lots.

Last night, I mixed up some jelly as per the instructions and poured it over the bugs. This morning both children had fun pulling the bugs out. M used the tweezers and started to sort them by colour.

I also boiled some spaghetti in green food colouring and added bugs. I’d read somewhere that using oil helped to set the colour, but I used too much and the children didn’t want to touch it.

We then moved on to Hungry Caterpillar playdough.

Last night I had also put some bugs into an ice cube tray and added some water. I put them in our water tray and M spent a good 20 minutes using the pipettes to get the bugs out. I have done this with bigger ice containers before and have found she got bored really quickly.

The last activity we did this morning was some bead threading - well cotton reels. I printed some sheets from twinkl and M sat and copied them. We’ve tried this activity before and she wasn’t remotely interested but today she copied all of the patterns.

And she finally got dressed! 🤣


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