Mother’s Day 2020

Today is a funny old day. It’s always been a big family weekend for us. Split between my parents and the in-laws. We had plans, but they have obviously been cancelled.

We spent yesterday at the hospital as my 18month old had breathing difficulties. We only spent 4 hours in isolation and boy was it hard. We were only allowed to leave the room to go to the toilet. If you aren’t practicing social distancing, I urge you not to put yourselves and others through this. We were lucky that George’s breathing settled and we could come home - he has a history and we’ve spent many a night in the hospital, but this was completely different and so much worse! We are so grateful to be home. And to the staff doing an amazing job!

Anyway, today we wanted to have some fun. The sun is shining, so we went into the garden. I set up several activities today.

The first was this dinosaur tray. I used some lentils that have been in the cupboard for ages. George loved the feel of them. I told Mollie that the numbers were Dinosaur nests and hid some plastic eggs around the garden. I’d written numbers on them with a sharpie, so she had to put them on the right nest! She really enjoyed this.

We then carried on our Jack and the Beanstalk theme. I found some pots in the shed and some compost. I gave the children some dried kidney beans and both of them sat digging for quite a while. Mollie and I discussed what plant need to grow.

George really enjoyed this next activity. It was a little cold for water today, so I just added some dried beans to the water tray. He spent ages pouring them and digging in them.

When George headed for his nap, my husband got this out for Mollie and she loved pouring the water on to release the dinosaurs and dog trapped in the ice. We just put a toy inside a balloon and filled it with water then chucked it in the freezer!

We managed to avoid the telly for most of the morning, get some fresh air and spend some time together. This is all that matters right now.

Stay safe and look after yourselves and each other!


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