School Closure/Isolation

We have been in isolation for 2 days now and I was extremely daunted by the prospect of having two children at home for potentially 12 weeks. My son is high risk and therefore I have decided to do all I can to protect him.

I spent most of yesterday morning feeling scared, sick, anxious and completely rubbish about everything. I know a lot of people are likely to be feeling the same. I then decided to give myself a kick up the bum and not worry about all the things that I have no control over and do something positive.

Some of you may know that before I had children, I was a primary school teacher for 10 years. I have worked across the whole of KS1 and KS2. Since having small children, I have also done a lot of research into Early Years provision (but am by no means an expert).

So now I have waffled on about me, I will get to the point of this. I am going to post all of the activities I am doing with my children whilst we are at home. I have taken most of them from Twinkl. This site is a huge resource for teaching staff and they have offered free access to parents during March and April. If you go to www.twinkl/ and put in the code UKTWINKLHELPS, it will give you free access to all of their resources. You can download them all on to your computer.

I have had a tuff tray since Mollie was about 6 months old, but you can use anything to contain the mess. A plastic table cloth, a storage box, or a tray. On Twinkl, they have a series of ideas for tuff trays. We are going to be playing with a combination of Jack and the Beanstalk, Easter and Spring Ideas over the next 3 weeks.

Today we began with a simple messy play idea. I feel at this moment in time, it isn't a great idea to waste food, so during breakfast time, I added the dregs of the cornflakes and rice crispies into an underbed storage box and added some small containers. My youngest jumped straight in and poured it between the containers and then climbed in to eat it. When he went for his nap, my three year old, sat playing for about 40 mins. She made 'cupcakes' and used the containers to pretend she was mixing cake batter.

Because of her imaginative play, we then decided to make some biscuits. She helped and then I let her wash up. Then George was awake, so we got our warm coats on and went to the local park. We are very lucky that we live in a small village, so no one else was there. Before we went, I drew a huge butterfly in chalk pen on the tuff tray and told Mollie that we were going to fill it to make a picture. So whilst we were out she had to look for exciting thing to make the butterfly look pretty.

When we got home, she lay all of the items on the tray. (George has another nap at lunchtime) So we discussed symmetry and that it needed to have things that were the same on both sides. Mollie then spent the afternoon trying to hit George with the sticks, but you can't win them all!

It sounds like I was with them all day, I wasn't they watched telly whilst I made lunch and attempted to learn to thread my new overlocker. I don't think we can in any way emulate school, or preschool. But for me, its essential to have activities to do so I don't go completely mad!

I promise from now on I will keep it brief! :)


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