Spring Sensory Play

This morning feels a little harder as Daddy has gone back to work (upstairs) after 4 days off. I would normally make an effort to have some sort of social event planned today, but alas we are home and have to manage it!

I decided to make an Easter/spring sensory bin this morning. I was inspired by some foam carrots that have been floating around since last year. I think they were from the pound shop.

The grass is dyed rice.

Top tips for colouring rice:

  1. use gel food colouring

  2. put food colouring in a plastic tub with a lid.

  3. add white vinegar - it doesn’t seem to matter what sort.

  4. add the rice.

  5. shake until all the rice is covered.

  6. tip onto a baking tray. You can leave it over night to dry or put into the oven on a really low heat to dry.

For the dirt, I used flour, cocoa powder and sun flour oil to make cloud dough. I added a bit of brown food colouring too. I don’t know the quantities as I guessed. It needs to be the consistency of slightly damp sand.

The beans are a mixture of dried Kidney beans and Black Eyed beans that we used for something else last week. My 3 year old loved planting the carrots and my 19 month old enjoyed eating the dirt and scoop everything up. I managed a whole cup of tea whilst they played.

I hope you have a good day and stay safe everyone x


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